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Cheap Tickets for Opera Holland Park (booking opens 15 April)

April 11, 2013


We have received the following email from Opera Holland Park, about their INSPIRE scheme that offers seats round the edges for £ 12:

£12 INSPIRE ticket booking opens
Monday 15 April
online only

Having taken into account the feedback from patrons in 2012, we have decided to keep the way you acquire INSPIRE tickets the same as last season. They will be available online only via our website and will be the first to go on sale to the general public. By putting them on sale before general bookings to the public begin, we will be able to monitor and control the traffic online and ensure the system runs as smoothly as possible. Further it will mean we can ensure the fairest possible distribution. The online system features a virtual waiting room so there will be a time element involved but hopefully far less frustrating than the engaged tones of 2011!
The booking opens next week, on Monday 15 April at 10am.
Tickets will be limited per patron to 6 for the season and 2 per production.Visit our website and follow the links. Online booking will open at 10am and there will continue to be no booking fees on the INSPIRE tickets.
We hope you can join us for what promises to be a thrilling season!

We understand that some have difficulty accessing online services. If you know of individuals who are in this position but would like to have the opportunity to book INSPIRE seats, please email us with their details to

See here for what I know about opera/classical music bargains in general.

Kat’a Kabanova Opera Holland Park Friday 08 August

August 8, 2009


Well, I failed to understand this. Which was a pity, because the score as a score is lovely (and was very well-played) and the singers were bloody good to, especially the wonderful Anne-Sophie Duprels as Kat’s (and Tom Randle as Boris).

But where was it set? We had a Russian samovar, mid-European mid-nineteenth-century costumes and what seemed to be part of Tatlin’s (early Soviet era) tower imprisoning Katya.

Does this matter? The point of Ostrovsky’s original play is that it’s a recognisable portrait of the patriarchal way of life among certain sections of Russian society of his time, so things like rampant suspicion and the assumption of Kabanicha’s absolute power make sense. But not so much if it’s set Somewhere at Sometime.

And then is there enough drama to support an opera? Boris leaves and Kat’a decides to die, but before that their final scene really isn’t long enough (just one example). And of course inserting an unnecessary interval into what is 1 hr 40 min  of music didn’t help.

I still don’t understand…

There is some description from OHP here.