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Greek at Madingley Hall

October 13, 2017

Picture from Madingley site

Janet Watson has written:

Cambridge University’s Institute for Continuing Education offers weekend residential courses in Classical Greek for Beginners’, Intermediate and Advanced levels, and will meet three times this academic year at Madingley Hall, just outside Cambridge. There will be a course for absolute beginners at the weekend of November 3-5, with the opportunity to progress through the basics of Greek grammar over subsequent weekends. For further information on all levels, see:

We gave an overview of the Madingley experience in relation to New Testament Greek:

This course took place over the weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime. There were 7 teaching sessions of 90 minutes each: one on Saturday evening, four on Saturday and two on Sunday. Six of these sessions consisted of the students in turn reading two or three verses aloud and translating them, while in the after-dinner talk on Saturday the lecturer gave a talk on ‘Acts and the Classical World’. […]Participants were very enthusiastic about the course (and about Madingley Hall in general) and several had already been on many previous years’ editions of the same course.

We have also shared our experiences regarding Greek Lyric Poetry, Odyssey XI, Agamemnon (Part 1) and Agamemnon (Part 2).

Hopefully this information will help interested readers work out what it’s all about…

Madingley Hall Greek Texts 2012

November 1, 2011

Picture of Lucian

Here are the Greek texts presently planned for Madingley weekend courses in 2012 (more details here).

17 – 19 February
Homer, Iliad 23.229-end (897). Ed. Willcock, Books 13-24 (Bristol Classical Press, £20.00)

18 – 20 May
Hesiod, Theogony 1-232; Works and Days 1-307 [‘Essential Hesiod’, ed CJ Rowe, BCP £10.99 or Hesiod, Oxford Classical Texts £17.00 or Hesiod Loeb £15.95]
Lucian, selection ed Hopkinson (Cambridge green-and-yellow, £17.99); students to prepare 3: The Ignorant Book-Collector; 4: Praise of the Fly; and 5: Sigma vs Tau

14 – 16 September
Lysias, 1. ‘On the murder of Eratosthenes’ and 7. ‘On the olive-stump’ [in Lysias, Select Speeches ed. C Carey, CUP green-and-yellow £19.99]
Aristophanes, Lysistrata, ed Sommerstein (Aris & Phillips, £18.00) 1-657

23 – 25 November
Lysias, 3. ‘Against Simon’ and 14. ‘Against Alcibiades’ [same edition]
Aristophanes 658-end (1321)

John Taylor has also kindly sent me details of the texts for New Testament Greek, as follows:

Texts are:

three OT choice snippets – Genesis 18: 1-15, Ezekiel 37: 1-14, Isaiah 53: 1-12

I Maccabees chapter 2

John chapters 1 – 3

Colossians chapters 1 – 4.