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Foreign Language Books In London’s Charity Bookshops: Oxfam Kentish Town

September 18, 2013

IMG_1052This blog has decided to investigate the foreign-language books in London charity bookshops, with the idea of donating our surplus ones to places where they have some chance of escaping the recycling bin.  Our first visit was to the Oxfam Bookshop in Kentish Town.

There was indeed a pretty decent Foreign Literature section, comprising about 150 volumes:


The most interesting thing I noticed was a copy of Le Père Goriot  in rather better nick than the one I had just donated. I didn’t see any Russian books–a couple of Bulgarian ones maybe.  The most encouraging thing was the air of animation in the shop–there was constant activity as some people bought books and others brought new ones in.  In fact, the staff were too busy to harass me about Gift Aid.

None of which makes Kentish Town any less unappealing as a destination, of course…

Here’s a picture of the opening hours: