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How Italians find living in London

December 24, 2014

This video is quite enlightening (I thought), and it’s interesting to find out the one thing that they really can’t get used to.

I wonder who it is they visit that makes them take their shoes off–not English people, for sure.  What are they doing complaining about our windows when they don’t even heat their own homes? A good thing about Italy is that you have the 4- or 5-storey apartment houses on streets laid out in a grid pattern, which appeals to my sense of order.  It also means you get families living in the centre even of large cities so you see children there as a matter of course, which you don’t here.  But of course most city dwellers there live in some ghastly slab of concrete 25km from anywhere you would want to be…which may be why this topic doesn’t get a mention here…

Some of the items (especially the hurried dentists) make it look as though they’re living in some posh part of North London, and who wouldn’t complain under those circumstances?

The taps remain a mystery–I think mixer taps were popular here for a period in the 1960s but have hardly been seen since.