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My New Furniture

September 1, 2009

So I got my furniture today, 5 or 7 weeks late depending on how you look at it.  Doleful history may be found here.

Mmm yes...horrible

Mmm yes...horrible

...quite disgusting...

...quite disgusting...

...reupholstering won't help the cocoa-effect woodstain.

...reupholstering won't help the cocoa-effect woodstain.

Well, I can only blame myself for going by what things look like on the Internet. It would probably have been survivable if I’d gone for some neutral-coloured fabric and light wood.

As it is, the options are:

i) hide it upstairs

ii) emigrate to Bromley (where egregious offences against taste are a way of life);

iii) get some material and improvise covers.

Furniture Warehouse

August 25, 2009

I ordered a 3-piece suite from these people on the grounds that I couldn’t find the kind of thing I was looking for anywhere else. (This line of reasoning has an unfortunate history–it once led me to buying a flat that was a complete disaster.)

Anyway, the order was made and paid for in full on 18 June 2009, with a delivery time of 4 to 6 weeks (so, by 30 July). And I didn’t receive the furniture, nor did I get explanation or notification.

So I tried ringing them:

03 August–I was told they would ring back (and I heard nothing)

07 August–I was told they had told me on 3 August that the factory was closed (they had told me nothing) and they would ring back on Monday 10 August

10 August–nothing!

11 August–I rang and was again told that they would ring back (and I again heard nothing), after I had stayed in all afternoon since they wanted to use the landline.

12 August–I sent them an email asking when I could expect to get the furniture I had paid for.  And received no reply or acknowledgment.

So from my experience you just pay over your money and you might get something sometime if they can be bothered. The reviews here tell the same story.

It certainly looks like one to be avoided!

Update 27 August–I rang them and someone identifying himself as Paul said they’d got the furniture in and he would be in touch to tomorrow to arrange delivery probably next week.  We will see!

More on this here.