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Paul Nash Exhibition, Dulwich Picture Gallery 6 May

May 7, 2010

The Conservative Party Is Building A New World

This exhibition was pretty packed on a Thursday afternoon towards the end of its run, and I still had my mind on politics.  All of my fellow attendees looked like Tory voters to me (with the exception of a couple of young women).  They divided into those who (like me) could only see the paintings with their glasses and those who couldn’t see them at all.

The rooms they use for exhibitions at DPG are really rather small if you get any number of people in.  This one wasn’t as crowded as the Canaletto one anyway, and people didn’t feel the same need to point out interesting details to their friends.

The paintings were bloody good!  I admired the nonchalance of the spirits wafting around in the one above, while in the one below the sun and moon satisfyingly echo each other and complement the in-my-end-is-my-beginning-ness of a landscape Nash had painted at the beginning of his career.