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What does ‘The Information Capital’ have to do with South London?

January 3, 2015


This book presents 100 maps and graphics that will change the way you view the city.  Leaving aside Oliver Uberti’s…sketches…of some of the animals to be found in London Zoo, let’s have a look at some data and see what it means for South London.

South London--City Of Dreadful Night

South London–City Of Dreadful Night

The illustration above shows the locations where pictures posted on Flickr were taken.  Not South London it seems, apart from the Elephant, Walworth Road and Greenwich Park.  South Londoners are condemned to perpetual darkness, starved of the light of exposure on Flickr…

Concentrations of crime

Concentrations of violent crime

Here we see violent crime hotspots, which seem to pick out railway/Underground stations with unerring accuracy.  3 is Brixton, 8 the Elephant, 9 Peckham, 10 Croydon, 18 Woolwich.



Above we see deprivation, coloured according to the scheme below:


So, Lewisham varies between ‘Most deprived’ red and a yellow which has no label but probably means something neutral. If the green was instead blue on this map, one might begin to suspect some hidden agenda…


How we get to work...

How we get to work…

Here we have the most popular modes of transport for getting to work by home location, coded according to the scheme below.


Cor, that’s found me out–when I lived in Peckham I used to get the bus to work, but now I get the train. Are those light blue types really driving to work or to the station say?

Occupational tree (or graph)

Occupational tree (or graph)

Now this would be really interesting if it was explained properly.  The idea is that wards are grouped together according to their concentrations of different job types; but we don’t learn what the distances or branching or angles mean.  My earliest memories are of Charlton 50 years ago and I’ve made it as far as Crofton Park, or travelled 3 nodes on this map.  Clearly I’ve not made very much progress at all, but it would be nice to know the details of my lack of achievement.

Cohabiting in Peckham

Cohabiting in Peckham

As for that love and romance thing, it is suggested that cohabiting is prevalent in Peckham (above) separation is noteworthy in New Cross (below).

Separated in New Cross

Separated in New Cross

Finally, we return to dodgy statistics on obesity.  The figure below shows obesity…



or rather, the boroughs expanded or contracted to reflect the percentage of 10-11 year olds there classified obese in 2012-13.  Which is a slightly strange measure to use–presumably those were the figures closest to hand.

So, Sarf London: a land of obesity and irregular liaisons, subsisting in obscurity (apart from Greenwich Park during the Olympics), lit only by the odd flare of crime…And no Tube either…


Moving to Brockley (St Johns end)–18 pieces of advice

August 22, 2014



1.  Avoid “Fantastic Morleys” on Endwell Road. It makes out it’s related to South London’s favourite chicken shop “Morley’s” but it definitely isn’t. They even got closed down for a few months for an “uncontrollable” cockroach infestation. Doesn’t seem to have put off the punters mind.

2.  Gulen’s on Brockley Road does a fine kebab and is on the way from Brockley station to St Johns. Engage them in conversation about their Ataturk frieze and they’ll treat you like a brother.

3.  Doorstop Bakery gently wafts the delightful smell of baking bread across Brockley of an evening. They make a good sandwich too.

4.  Brockley is now all kinds of gentrified so it has a couple of upmarket delis that are worth checking out.

5.  For some nice (slightly pricy) food and a good beer the Orchard on Harefield Road is a good shout. Gantry is meant to be nice too but I haven’t actually been.

6.  For a takeaway curry “Panas Gurka” is the only way to go for some Nepalese goodness.

7.  The dentist in New Cross is a bit ropey. A friend signed up for one that’s just opened in Honour Oak Park which he rated and which would be worth looking up.

8.  Ziman  (dentists in Crofton Park) are actually very good.

9.  The Wickham Arms on the top of the hill on Upper Brockley Road looks like it might be a nice pub. It’s not (unless it’s been done up in the last year or so).

10.  If you have a craving for late night confectionary you can always pop into Dukes “Night Store” on Brockley Cross.

11.  Don’t find yourself on top of Telegraph Hill in the middle of the night when there’s a pea-souper fog. You will get lost.

12.  It’s probably worthwhile getting a bike since it’s a bit spread out for taking the bus/walking.  Also all those hills mean you get some exercise without needing to travel very far.

13.  There’s a very good butcher’s in Ewhurst Road (Crofton Park).

14.  The Brockley Jack has very nice toilets and is reassuringly safe these days, nearly all the time.

15.  Less of an issue if you have a landlord/flatmates, but Terry’s (the locksmith next to Crofton Park station) have an emergency service and will come and rescue you, for a price.

16.  Worthwhile registering with a doctor while you’re not too busy–the shiny new health centre in Deptford might be your best bet.

17.  Some useful info about various subjects on Brockley Central.

18.  Deptford is covered by The Deptford Dame

Missing Ginger/White Cat Crofton Park SE4

August 25, 2013

missingAs a service to the community, we post this appeal that came through the letterbox today.  We know nothing further, as can be seen below!

Conscientious picture of cat-free outbuilding.

Conscientious picture of cat-free outbuilding.


UPDATE 5 SEPTEMBER:  Kipper has now returned home–see comments below.

Enigmatic yoga in Crofton Park

April 27, 2013


There’s something a little unnerving about this picture, as though you were meant to yogically squeeze yourself through the gate (or fly over it).

It also reminds me of  Hölderlin for some reason:

Where, oh where, when it is winter
Will I find the flowers and where
The sunshine and shadow of earth?
The walls stand
Speechless and cold, in the wind
The weather-vanes clatter.

New Shop in Honor Oak/Crofton Park

November 16, 2011

I’ve just received the note above through the door.  A little strange having a Survey Monkey link in hard copy, but it’s all perfectly straightforward. The idea of deciding to open a shop and then thinking about what kind would make me nervous, but many people are more optimistic than I am…

U Gosi Polish Shop Ewhurst Road

November 28, 2010

The end unit in Ewhurst Road is now being turned into a Polish shop called ‘U Gosi’.  By analogy with Russian, that must mean “Gosia’s” or “chez Gosia”, where Gosia is a female name and it looks`as though it’s short for something.  And a quick Google tells me that it’s short for Malgorzata.  So the name means “Maggie’s”.

And Gosia is a pretty optimistic girl, since for the past few years there’s been a decreasing amount of Polish goods in ‘normal’ shops, Polish adverts and indeed Polish/Eastern European shops to be seen.  I wonder if it’s significant that it’s called a “Polish Shop” rather than a “Polski Sklep”.  There was an English family going past as I stopped to take this picture; the little boy wanted to know what it was all about and his dad said they could go and get their sauerkraut there.  So perhaps a Polish Shop not only for Poles..

January 07 2011

They’ve now put some further information through my door:

I suppose that Saurkaut is a natural response if you are forced to write your national delicacy in a foreign language, and German to boot!  They give an address (2c Ewhurst Road) but no opening hours nor even a phone number to ring and ask if they’re open.

It looks as though they expect more custom from Catford than from Nunhead, which I suppose is sensible enough.  I wonder why they show the 284 bus route and not the P4, which probably goes just a bit nearer…

Update 01 February 2012

It looks like the shop has now closed.  Mid-afternoon today it was shuttered up and there was a ‘To Let’ sign as well:

Lewisham: A land without Tories?

May 8, 2010

Well, it seems that way at the moment, pending a recount in Grove Park ward.  And one of my predictions was proved wrong as Labour supporters turned out in some numbers to avert the horror of a Conservative Government.

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many – they are few.

Overall, I managed 1/4, about the same level as my Indo-European homework in Leiden.  What about that Lib Dem in Crofton Park then?  Bizarre…Strange that the polls were right, about the Tories and Labour anyway.

Doing all right so far...

More predictions

What will Clegg do now?

When the capital by the Thames
Forgetting her greatness
Like a drunken prostitute
Does not know who will next have her.

His party won’t allow a coalition with the Tories without PR, which Cameron isn’t going to give him.  And anyway it was a coalition with the Tories in the National Government of 1931 that did for the Liberals originally.  The problem with a Lib/Lab or Lib/Lab/PC/SNP/Green coalition is that they were all losers in the election (with the possible exception of the Greens) and so the arrangement wouldn’t have much legitimacy.

As far as I can see, he has two possible options:

i)   convene a meeting of the parties’ economics teams (as he suggested in one of the TV debates) with the stated aim  of agreeing a programme to tackle the deficit, in the hope of gathering some credit and fishing successfully  in muddy waters;

ii) offer guarded  support to a Tory (or Tory/Unionist) Government from a ‘safe’ distance.  The main thing would be to somehow prevent Cameron from calling a General Election when it suited him…

Update 11 May:  in fact, there are now 2 Tories left in Grove Park.

Polling Day 2010

May 6, 2010

Massive security, and blue netting to show you the way

And this is what I came up with:

Lewisham Deptford

Labour–what this area needs is public spending, and lots of it, added to which Joan Ruddock is by a very long way the most competent of the candidatesPrediction: Labour.

Lewisham Mayor (Alternative Vote)

1.  Green  2.  Lib Dem.  Lewisham Council clearly needs a change.  Prediction: Lib Dem (likely to get in on the second preferences).

Crofton Park Ward

3x Green.  Green councillors have done a good job in neighbouring wards, and there hasn’t been much sign of action from our Labour incumbents.  Prediction: 3x Labour, possibly 3 x Green.

Overall Predictions

A Conservative Government with an overall majority in single figures.  You tend to get the most Tory-friendly outcome that is consistent with the polling evidence or, which is the same thing, the British electorate (those who actually vote) is basically conservative and will vote Conservative if it possibly can.

And given the amount of stuff they’ve put through my door, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lib Dems in court for exceeding their spending limit.

I still think the best point made in the local campaign is the following from Gemma Townsend (Conservative) on Brockley Central:

4. What will your top priority for Lewisham Deptford be and what are you going to do about it?

Education. I want parents to stay in Lewisham as their family grows and not feel that moving is the only option for decent secondary education.

Although it doesn’t affect me, that’s certainly something I’ve wondered about over the 13 years I’ve lived here.