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Orange broadband: I try to escape

September 24, 2011

The Wednesday before last (14 September) I rang up Orange broadband to get a MAC code so that I could move to another provider in the hope of getting a reliable service.  After hanging on the phone for 40 minutes or so I got through to an agent who demanded to know why I wanted to leave.  I pointed out that the service was unreliable–the connection tended to drop, or at other times I couldn’t get a connection at all.  She said that was my fault because I didn’t understand the package or in the alternative I hadn’t got technical support to fix it.  And anyway she could put me on a cheaper package.  I said that the only thing I’d ever been able to get through was a recorded message saying the service was working perfectly, and could I have a MAC code please.  She said that they would send one out in the mail.

I think that providers are obliged to offer you a choice of two ways to receive the code, but never mind…

Of course, it never arrived.  I rang today, pointing out that as well as being unable to provide a service Orange were unwilling to meet their statutory obligations.  The bloke answering the phone tried It’s your fault the service doesn’t work, just keep on giving us the money again, but finally texted me the code.

The really irritating thing is the message as you’re waiting on the phone to say that Orange is committed to excellent customer service.