Greek Drama in London 2016


As ever, do email me if there’s anything you think should be added to this page! The listing of sources used may be useful if you want to publicise your own show, as well as for sheer pedantry.


KCL are doing Alcestis (in Greek) at the Greenwood Theatre from 10 to 12 February.

UCL are doing Dyskolos (in English) at the Logan Hall on  10 and 11 February.

Antigone is adapted at the Hope Theatre N1 from 23 February to 12 March.  And you can read the play in Greek at the City Lit, though the listing is quite well-hidden.

Hippolytos  appears as an Indonesian dance-drama at the Cockpit Theatre from 24 to 27 February.


Antigone continues at the Hope Theatre N1 to 12 March.

Lysistrata appears at the Broadway Barking on 2 March.

Choephori and Eumenides are masked at Theatro Technis from 3 March to 9 March.

The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey will be raising funds for refugees at BAC on 26 March.


Lysistrata is by Germaine Greer, after Aristophanes, adapted for performance with additional dialogue by Phil Wilmot at the Lion and Unicorn from 18 April to 22 April.


The Bacchae are at the Blue Elephant Theatre from 19 April to 7 May.


The Odyssey is adapted by Neon Performing Arts School at The Vaults on 19 June.


The Oresteia will be given by the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting at Theatro Technis from 26 to 30 July.


Antigone is Upstairs at the Gatehouse from 8 August to 10 August.

The Telemachy  is An intimate solo show of poetry, humour and a swaggering rock’n’roll attitude, which delves into the mythologies of Odysseus through the eyes of his brooding son, Telemachus at the Etcetera Theatre from 16 August to 21 August.


The Frogs inspire a cabaret performance at Bread and Roses on 24 & 25 October.

The Iliad runs for 55 minutes at Bread & Roses on 31 October.

The 2016 Cambridge Greek Play was a double bill of Antigone and Lysistrata at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, provisionally from 12 October to 15 October.


Antigone is adapted at Theatro Technis from 20 December to 7 January 2017.



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