A compound adjective that is of inestimable value in daily life, this is indeed used several times in the गीत गोविन्द (Gīta Govinda) of Jayadeva.


With regard to the Gīta Govinda, Krishna is certainly doing some kneading of Radha (milkmaid/female cow herder/cowgirl) in the illustration above, but a pedant could query whether his hands are on her breasts.

Cowgirl. Indeed.

Milkmaid. Female cow-herder. GOPI.

I wonder, is there some implied race fetishism here, inasmuch as Krishna is as black as coal, while Rahda is as pale as the milk she labours over?

The name Krishna apparently means ‘dark blue’. In various artistic conventions (but I know nothing of Indian ones), women are portrayed as light-skinned and men as dark-skinned.

He’s always got his sticky hands all over a milkmaid or three.

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