London classical music listings


Guardian Time Out concert-diary visitlondon londonclassical concerts bachtrack
11-Apr 2 3 2 9 N/A 2 2
12-Apr 8 5 2 12 3 2 3
13-Apr 5 6 3 10 2 2 9
14-Apr 7 9 5 14 2 5 8
15-Apr 6 7 8 18 3 8 12
16-Apr N/A 6 8 15 1 8 9
17-Apr N/A 4 4 14 0 4 10

An enquirer on Tripadvisor wants to know the best classical music listings for London.

So we put ‘classical music listings london’ into Google and discounting individual venues what we get is as follows.  Time Out is horribly clunky and incomplete.  Concert Diary is quite neat but also incomplete. is comprehensive but pretty clunky and difficult to get useful information out of. seems to be a site for selling tickets at some of the main venues. is also pretty clunky but gives you a lot of detail on a restricted number of concerts.  Bachtrack is whizzy and gives useful information quickly and neatly, as well as being reasonably complete.  By way of comparison, the hard-copy Guardian listings are also neatly laid out, but not especially complete.

So we recommend Bachtrack, supplemented by if you think you might be missing something.

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