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DHL Express UK waste my time, with different excuses

March 18, 2016
I saw this a few times

I saw this a few times


I order a book from at 277 roubles plus 925 roubles for delivery via DHL.  So delivery costs more than three times the thing itself. But it’s 100 roubles to the pound, so whatever…


DHL send a text saying they will deliver on the 16th, and giving a link to follow on the Internet.


I stay in and wait for the delivery.

No delivery.  No notification.  The link gives the results above.

Evening:  I ring.  They say the thing is being held for payment of VAT and duty.  I say that there is no VAT or anything else to pay on a book costing less than £ 3-00.  They say I can ring tomorrow.  I say that I will not be at home tomorrow.


Morning (1):  I ring.  After consulting the depot, they say that the duty thing has been sorted.  I say that I am not at home.  They say I can arrange delivery on the Internet.  That gives the same results as before.

Morning (2):  I ring to arrange delivery. They say that it is being held because of VAT and duty.  I explain the difference in value between roubles and pounds sterling. They take my phone number and say they will ring back.  I point out that I am not at home today.

Afternoon(1):  I have a text to say that the thing is out for delivery.

Afternoon(2): I ring to enquire.  They say the thing is out for delivery.

Afternoon(3):  The website says that I have signed for the thing at home when I thought I was in the office and I took the first initial from my surname and used my first name as surname as well.  Gosh, I must have been confused…

Evening:  The package has arrived–it was easy enough to put it through the letterbox–with the value clearly marked as 277 RUB.

Who is the Conservative candidate for London Mayor?

March 16, 2016


A flyer I was sent from 'CCHQ'

A flyer I was sent from ‘CCHQ’

Tory flyers for London Mayor campaign leave me in the dark as to who their candidate is–though one could make a pretty good guess as to sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation  school attended.  Especially the school.