That looks interesting…

Playboy of the WesternWorld P-314


Below I list things I have come across and which I ought to remember to do something about:

Three Irish Classics (Riders to the Sea, The Pot of Broth, The Travelling Man) Pentameters Theatre  11-30 August

The Playboy of the Western World Southwark Playhouse, 12-29 August.

Leonce and Lena  Brockley Jack, 18-29 August.

Tamburlaine the Great Tristan Bates Theatre, 25 August-12 September.

The Bald Prima Donna  Cockpit Theatre  26-30 August.

Lunchtime Concert from the Academic Student Choir of the Ural Federal University St-Sepulchre-without-Newgate 2 September.

Filumena (Eduardo De Filippo), Drayton Arms Theatre 6 September to 18 September.

The Way to Ukraine: journalist Sarah Hurst talks about and shows excerpts from her new film on the Russian citizens abandoning Russia for Ukraine, Pushkin House 10 September.

The Colour of Money: Falciani’s Tax Bomb Barbican Cinema 14 September

The Cocktail Party, Print Room at the Coronet, 14 September to 10 October.

Volpone Brockley Jack 29 September to 17 October.

What’s So Special About The Third Sector?  Ye Olde Watling 13 October.

Сердце Пармы (Алексей Иванов)

Ложится мгла на старые ступени (Александр Чудаков)

Здесь был Рим (Виктор Сонькин)

Лавр (Евгений Водолазкин)


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