A 3 month Biblical Hebrew course in Israel


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We have received the following query:

I’m wondering if you could recommend a 3 month Biblical Hebrew course in Israel…I have the time from  July to Sep available this year.

My first response would be that this may be confusing the end with the means–if you want to learn Biblical Hebrew or anything else the best thing is to get on with it here and now.  Do what you can, with what you have, where you are–a sentiment famously endorsed by Theodore Roosevelt.  If you are an undergraduate doing a year abroad, then the university will try to make you learn something just by being there, but in other circumstances it’s all a bit more uncertain.

As for answering the question as posed, I suspect that if you want a particular set period the best thing would be to find a private tutor.  You could look at craigslist for instance and there is a listing of Israeli free ads sites here. Even better–post an ad yourself saying what you’re looking for.

As to actually existing courses, you could try the Biblical Language Center–Randall Buth did inform me that they would be doing courses in Israel in 2015, so you could write and ask him about that.  There is also a summer course at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Again if I were you I would write to the coordinator, Steven Fassberg and ask if he had any suggestions.   The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a page about English programs in Israeli universities and you can also write to them.

So my advice would be:

i)  make sure that you are clear about the what and the how in your intentions;

ii)  ask around!

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4 Responses to “A 3 month Biblical Hebrew course in Israel”

  1. Christine Says:

    Thank you very much for your detailed and speedy response. I had infact already tried all the places you mentioned in the 3rd paragraph… Biblical Hebrew Centre not running a course this year, Hebrew University is but say it is a very, very intensive course 5-6 hrs a day etc…. and mainly for those wanting to go through all levels and then to study other disciplines in Hebrew. (may be a bit too much for my brain at the moment!)
    Im having a little rethink but I did look at Craig’s list…mainly in TelAviv and I want to be in Jerusalem if I go there but it all looks a bit expensive so unless something comes through friends etc I may have to forgo that route for now – even looked at live with your Hebrew Teacher which would be great but dates dont fit.

    Anyway thanks again.
    I will take your advice of perhaps finding a course in the UK – perhaps for a one on one teacher in the Bucks/Oxon area where I hope to be renting.


  2. notesofanidealist Says:

    There is this in Oxford, as you probably already know: http://www.ochjs.ac.uk/academic-activities/lectures/beginners-biblical-hebrew-ulpan/. The London Summer School in Classics promises a choice of Latin, Greek, Syriac, Coptic or Biblical Hebrew at £150 for the week. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/cla…/schools-and-colleges/summerschool

    • Christine Says:

      Yes that one in Oxford is jan to Dec…no good for me.
      The other link opens and say its and error!? Is it for a week? How much can one learn in a week!!??
      Thanks again
      What a great service you provide – very impressed. Many thanks

  3. notesofanidealist Says:

    This link should work: goo.gl/aDQD8v

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