Greek Drama Work Experience


We have received the following query:

I’m looking for a theatre company that’s putting on a classical play to shadow and help out with (as a free stage-hand, for example) in August. I’ve adapted and directed a production of Aristophanes’ Frogs at Winchester, and I know how to use basic sound and light equipment. Would you by any chance know how I could get in touch with any of the directors on your list?

So let’s try to give an answer without doing too much work.  If it was me, I would try Theatro Technis or the More London crowd. Apart from those, the people who have emailed me about Greek drama productions they were promoting or producing are Tania Batzoglou, Kaitlin Argeaux, Niamh de Valera, Kris Hallett, Jessica Ruano, Briony Rawle.

This is the kind of thing that might have interested Cressida Ryan when she did Classics Outreach at Oxford; I don’t know about her successor Mai Musie.

The rest may well be silence at least from me, but a friend on Facebook has kindly suggested Try the Globe for the Oresteia – they will be rehearsing through August for first performance on 29th …  I would suggest making contact through the theatre – try twitter @The_Globe and include the hashtag #Oresteia.  Or go straight to the director:

I say:  the Globe makes extensive use of volunteer labour & sees itself as having a definite educational mission, so that’s pretty astute.

….as a long shot, he could contact this lot in Poland:  They have a ‘Summer Intensive’ which isn’t exactly what he is looking for but they have several Greek plays in their repertoire. My son went there one Summer and worked for them for a few years after …

I say: Dziękuję!

A further suggestion would be David Stuttardhe puts on lots of Greek plays.

If one was a postgrad, and if it was a couple of weeks ago and so before the closing date, there would also be a Summer School called  “Challenging Limits: Performances of Ancient Drama, Controversies and Debates”.

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