‘The bus went off…’ (Dmitri Vedenyapin)

The bus went off, we were left at the entrance to the wood.
There was a smell of flowers, it was silent in the wild.
Along the highway a horseman clattered by–was he really headless?
So indeed it proved! And with his shoulders he smiled,

And disappeared…And again the whirling began: chik-chik, fyut-fyut,
It all started to ring, and to revive.
It took forty minutes to get past the field and meadow
And going through the wood took twenty minutes, maybe twenty-five.

We started to walk along the highway past a meadow with a goat far off
Descriptions are unnecessary, that’s understood
Like, let’s say, Shalamov in Montreux or Nabokov in a cell.
Tomorrow we are going back into that wood.

Дмитрий Веденяпин

Дмитрий Веденяпин

Автобус уехал, мы остались у входа в лес.
Было тихо, пахло цветами.
По шоссе процокал всадник — неужто без?
Так и есть! — улыбаясь плечами,

И пропал… И опять закружилось: чьик-чьик, фьють-фьють,
Зазвенело, ожило.
Мимо поля и луга идти было сорок минут,
Через лес — двадцать, тридцать от силы.

Мы пошли по шоссе мимо луга с далёкой козой.
Описанья бессмысленны — это понятно,
Как, допустим, Шаламов в Монтрё, а Набоков в СИЗО.
Завтра едем обратно.

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