two old men: three poems (Nataliya Azarova)

    two old men run from time to meet

       the path of the delta is endless

                      du           fu

                      ai            gi

                      du            et

            they spoke on the terrace

                flying over by asia

          night spring august rhythm day

               wound round roughly

                      du            gi

                      ai            fu

                      po            et

  like as a river to them after winter

         its time–over the horizon

                into four cracks



два  старика бегут от времени навстречу

           тропинка дельты бесконечна

                      ду           фу

                      ай            ги

                      ду            эт

            поговорили на террасе

                перелетая азией

            ночь лето август ритм день

                наверчен начерно

                      ду            ги

                      ай            фу

                      по            эт

            будто им на зиму рекой

                    пора-за горизонт

                    в четыре щёлки

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