New Sappho: The Brothers Poem

This blog hurries to publish its approximate rendition of one newly-recovered (part of a) poem by Sappho as published by Dirk Obbink:

But you are always saying Charaxos will come
with a full ship. That, I think, Zeus
knows and all the other gods—you should not
think of these things,

but send me and exhort me
to greatly beseech Queen Hera
for Charaxos to arrive here
guiding his ship,

and to find us safe and sound. All the other things
let us turn over to the divinities,
for moments of calm will arise suddenly
from a mighty gale.

And those to whom the king of Olympus
decides to send a daimon helping
out of troubles are blessed
and greatly wealthy.

So will we be, if at some time Larichos
unwearied in respect of his head should become a man
and then certainly he would release us
from much despondency.


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