Some views along Whitehall

HMRC/HMT building

HMRC/HMT building

The problem with this building is that it’s neither large and imposing enough to frighten people who’ve never actually been tortured in the basement, nor is it sufficiently run-down and derelict to dissuade those who want to ask for money. We say: bring back the good old days, when Government offices spent their time being blown up by the IRA and nobody was going to waste money on maintaining them…

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell

If Cromwell really was a dictator (as some assert), then he wouldn’t be standing outside Parliament defending our immemorial English liberties from kings, idolators and wandering Antichrists now would he? Stands to reason…

Banqueting House

Banqueting House

Charles I was apparently executed in front of the Banqueting House, though there is no conclusive evidence as to the location. If there happens to be another King Charles in future, that will be good reason for an action replay and then we’ll know…

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