Missing Ginger/White Cat Crofton Park SE4

missingAs a service to the community, we post this appeal that came through the letterbox today.  We know nothing further, as can be seen below!

Conscientious picture of cat-free outbuilding.

Conscientious picture of cat-free outbuilding.


UPDATE 5 SEPTEMBER:  Kipper has now returned home–see comments below.

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5 Responses to “Missing Ginger/White Cat Crofton Park SE4”

  1. Kate Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!

    We have not found him yet and are increasingly worried that he may be locked in somewhere, so if you are local and are reading this please check your garden thoroughly. Also let us know if you recognise him – we are not sure how far he normally travels, and want to make sure we’re looking in the right places.

    Thank you


  2. notesofanidealist Says:


    Glad to be of service, though I do wonder how much use these high-tech methods are. In my experience, cats are stupid, indolent and unenterprising animals and householders are rather similar–what works is to knock on doors in your immediate vicinity and harass people until someone produces the animal.

    Good luck!

    • Kate Says:

      I agree. I’ve been knocking on doors but many people are away/don’t answer. Will be continuing later today though, so may well see you later!


  3. Christina Says:

    Kate, I noticed your sign at the end of our road today (8 Eddystone) Just wondered if you found him yet? We have tons of cats in our garden…a ginger and white next door that has different markings, up to 4 black cats and a few black and white. Sometime I look out there and there’s several! I feel as though I have definitely seen him before! As I have seen two ginger and white cats at the same time and one that looks just like yours. However I can’t pin point the last time I saw him or a green collar. I will keep an extra look out for him and if I come across him I will let you know. By the way we don’t have any out buildings at the back.

    All the best,


    • Kate Says:

      Yes we found him two days ago! I have been meaning write and say that on this thread, and also still have an awful lot of posters to take down – we’ve managed to remove about half so far.
      He was found on Braxfield Rd, so I think it could well have been him you’ve seen on Eddystone Rd as there were a few sightings in that general area. I put up extra posters more in the direction of Brockley on Friday night and some extremely kind people found him and got in touch on Sunday night.
      I will be doing my best to remove all of the posters by the end of the weekend, but if I miss any please feel free to remove.
      Thanks for all your help everyone!
      It’s amazing to have Kipper back at home with us.


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