We do Akkadian in 7 hours

So this is how we did Akkadian in seven hours:

Session 1: Hammurabi (1792 BC –1750 BC) consolidated Babylonian power.  His laws are good reading for beginners since they follow a set structure.  The nominal sentence with -ma, verb statives, independent pronoun.

Session 2:  Expressing possession with the particle ša, pronominal suffixes, the construct state.  Some exercises.  We also write cuneiform on clay tablets using extra-large matches somewhere around here.

Session 3:  Some books on Akkadian and Ancient Mesopotamia.  Triconsonantal roots.  Adjectives and nouns.

Session 4:  The G stem of strong verbs.  Subj-Obj-Ind Obj-Verb.

Session 5: The G D  Š and N stems.  Weak verbs (verbs with a weak stem consonant).

Session 6:  We translate some of the Laws of Hammurabi, like the following:

šumma awīlum īn mār awīlim uhtappid īnšu uhappadū

if a man the eye of the son of a man has blinded his eye they will blind

Session 7: We read some cuneiform Laws of Hammurabi from clay tablets kindly manufactured by Hannah for this very purpose.

Commentary:  That was excellent!  We were well impressed at how our tutor Hannah Johnson had prepared a great variety of materials and used a variety of approaches in putting the subject across, along with being very nice about it all.  It turned out to be the first time she had taught Akkadian, so we felt especially honoured.

Most of the material used can be found on the Internet here.

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One Response to “We do Akkadian in 7 hours”

  1. Hannah Johnson Says:

    I have just found this lovely blog post (only five years later, not bad for an Assyriologist!), and I want to say thank you for such a complimentary review of my teaching session. I’m only sad that I didn’t have the chance to reprise it the following year, but apparently Akkadian is too niche even for an Ancient Worlds Summer School!
    Best wishes,

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