Spring Awakening, Brockley Jack 20 June


A flyer distributed to homes in the vicinity of the Brockley Jack

I think I would advise anyone thinking of going to this to consult the synopsis on Wikipedia first. As they summarise it:  (puberty, sexuality, rape, child abuse, homosexuality, suicide, abortion).  Not that any of this is going to shock people in South London, but a catalogue of issues is what we got here, in a production set in the no particular time and no particular place you expect from a room above a pub.  My humble suggestion–given that I’ve really no idea how to make it stageable–would be to go for really exaggerated clutter and detail in depicting late nineteenth-century Germany, in which case repressed sexuality breaking out with disastrous effects might actually make some sense.

There was a lot of elaborate play with light projection, but I’m not sure if it added or distracted.  At the beginning it seemed to be telling me Ein wenig leben ist eine gefahrliche Sache (It is a dangerous thing to live a little), which seemed quite appropriate, but then it turned out they meant learning not living and it was the obvious quote from Alexander Pope.

On the positive side of things, I thought that Ana Luderowski was very good as Wendla Bergman and on occasions uncannily like a blonde 14-year-old classmate of mine from many decades ago.

(The rest is silence.)

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