Books in Some Charity Shops of South London: Part 4, Blackheath on Sunday

This part of the study took in shops belonging to Cancer Research UK and Oxfam.

The Cancer Research UK  shop at 6 Montpelier Vale boasted 5 shelves displaying an approximate 180 books.  I came nearest to buying The Finkler Question (Howard Jacobson, £ 2-00), and there was also an interesting looking book called I crossed the Minch by Louis MacNeice (£ 2-50).  In an age-appropriate display of catatonic conservatism I donated some books here because I had before…Here are the opening hours:

Then the Oxfam shop at 66 Tranquil Vale (where the upper floor used to be entirely given over to books) had 47 shelves and say 1650 books, with many specialised areas not represented by in the other charity shops I’d visited.  Kirk and Raven’s book on The Presocratic Philosophers would be jolly good value at £ 1-99 for someone who didn’t already have it.  The place was also reasonably busy with customers actively engaged in buying books.  Clearly the place to donate anything at all out of the mainstream, even if they did have a notice up saying that due to high stock levels they weren’t accepting donations in the last hour of trading.

Here are Oxfam’s opening hours:

And in Blackheath (on Sunday), the common element was Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, featured in both of these shops.

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