Books in Some Charity Shops of South London: Part 3, Catford

I found four charity shops in Catford, and they were pretty close to each other.

The Age UK shop at 10 Catford Broadway had 17 shelves containing say 500 books.  Prices seemed to be £ 1-50 for paperbacks and £ 2-oo for hardbacks.  They had the normal number of 5 or 6 books I might have been interested in if I didn’t already have them.  Here’s a picture of the opening times:

The Salvation Army shop a bit further along had 18 shelves and about 550 books on display.  I thought about buying Mezzanine (Nicholson Baker) for £ 1-00 and a book on Sexual Life in Ancient Rome for £ 3-00, but didn’t.  They had notices up asking for donations of books (among other things.)  Here are their opening times:


Anyway, I was able to walk through that shop and turn right to get to the Sense shop at 4 Winslade Way.

That had a mere 5 shelves displaying 200 or so books (together with a separate revolving stand of Romance) but they were inexpensive–50 p to £ 1-50. (There was a nice hardback copy of Underworld by Don DeLillo for £1-50.)  After that it was a short stroll to the BHF shop at 22 Winslade Way.

As I recall, they had quite a specific notice asking for donations of books.  Anyway, they had 19 shelves displaying 700 books or so, together with separate children’s section, Stand of Romance, and display of posh books in the window.  I personally bought an 8-year-old guidebook to the Baltic States and American Rust by Philipp Meyer (each £ 2-00).

I noted that two shops had copies of A Widow for One Year (John Irving) and The Book of Dave (Will Self); and three places had Then we came to the end (Joshua Ferris).  But Self is back in contention now as Catford’s leading author since I donated my copy (along with some other books) to the BHF.  And here are the opening times:

Finally, the following observation doesn’t form part of this study, but I enjoyed it anyway:

Professionals At Work…Leaders in Unskilled Temporary Work…?

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