What to do with a surplus ticket to the opera?

Let’s imagine you’re going to the opera and the person you’re going with says late in the day they can’t come.  It happens, to me at least.  What do you do?  It depends on the circumstances of course.  Let’s imagine that you bought the tickets.  Then you can generally get a replacement even if Mr or Ms X has got the original.  But you can’t return a replacement ticket for resale.

So the obvious thing is to email or text round your mates to see if anyone else wants to come instead.  If that doesn’t work, you can see if you can get a stranger to come with you and/or buy the ticket.  I suppose if you’re in need of (effectively) an immediate date you can try Craigslist .  Then you can try selling the thing for either a nominal or a real amount on Gumtree.  I think the nice people at BalletcomForum will allow you to dispose of opera tickets there as well. (But their site is down at the moment.)  Then there are sites such as seatwave and viagogo , which would probably take too much time.

Then you can try Twitter, or your own website/blog if you have one.  After I was left with a spare ticket for Die Meistersinger over the weekend, I got as far as offering it on here for 4 minutes before a friend from the beginning of the second paragraph decided he could bear to pass up a film about General de Gaulle in favour of free Wagner and keeping me company.

I’m sure I’m missing something here–have a large number of friends with similar interests to yours, perhaps.

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