Gerhard Richter exhibition, Tate Modern 01 November


Uncle Rudi

I was very impressed with this exhibition–not so much with the blurry paintings from photographs (as in Uncle Rudi above), as with the large and thickly-impastoed abstracts, like Hedge below.


There was one room of grey Germanic grimness of the sort I had rather been fearing.  It was dedicated to pictures connected with the Baader-Meinhof group, though the Record Player (in which a gun had been hidden) was affecting.

Record Player

I think my favourite might have been June, but an awful lot of these abstracts had the strange beauty of shadows falling on us from another world (a good German Romantic idea and entirely appropriate given the references to Caspar David Friedrich in the paintings on show).


A lot of the people present were Germans (or at least talking among themselves in German).  The exhibition wasn’t very crowded and there’s even a 2-for-1 offer here.

I say:  Go, go now, go several times, go with your friends.

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