Rachel’s Hebrew Class 2011-12

Rachel Montagu has kindly sent some details of her Advanced Biblical Hebrew course for 2011-12.  This stands in place of the course she used to teach at Birkbeck.

Rachel’s courses work in the classic fashion: each student in turn reads a verse aloud and then translates it, with input from the teacher as necessary. She also provides some background and interpretation from traditional Jewish teaching.

The emphasis is certainly on understanding the text rather than grammar as such. There have been perhaps an average of seven or so students coming to lessons. The level things are taken at tends to depend on who the students are.

In principle, students should have covered the material in the First Hebrew Primer from Eks before starting this class. If you know the qal conjugation (perfect and imperfect) pretty well for verbs with three strong roots (the ‘regular’ ones if you like) and have some idea about hiphil and niphal and verbs with weak roots, that will probably do.

If you want to know more, you can email Rachel;  or feel free to email me if you’re feeling shy.  I’ve also shared just about everything I know about studying Biblical Hebrew with the world here.

Here is the outline for this year’s class. We will be meeting on Thursdays 6.30-8.30 at New Fetter Lane, subject to confirmation.

Hebrew Class Outline 2011-12

Autumn Term

Isaiah – Prophet of Grief and Hope

15th  September Isaiah 1:1-23

22nd September Isaiah 1:24-31, 2:1-17

[29th September no class – Rosh HaShanah]

6th October Isaiah 2:17-22, 3:1-17

[13th October no class – Succot]

[20th October no class – Simchat Torah]

[27th October – half term]

3rd November Isaiah 3:18-26, 4:1-6, 5:1-10

10th November Isaiah 5:11-30, 6:1-4

17th November Isaiah 6:5-13, 7:1-17

24rd November Isaiah 7:18-25, 8:1-15

1st December Isaiah 8:16-23, 9:1-6

Haggai – God’s House and God’s Servant

8th December Haggai 1:1-15, 2:1-7

15th December Haggai 2:8-23, Zechariah 4:1-10

Spring Term

David and Saul

12th January 1 Samuel 18:1-20

19th January 1 Samuel 18:21-30, 19:1-7

26th January 1 Samuel 19:8-24, 20:1-4

2nd  February 1 Samuel 20:24-34, 40-42, 22:6-8, 23:1-7

9th February 1 Samuel 14-28 24:1-9

[16th February half term]

23rd February 1 Samuel 24:10-23, 26:17-25, 27:1-4

1st March 1 Samuel 28:3, 7-19, 31:1-5, 2 Samuel 1:23-27

Gideon the Strong Hero

8th March Judges 6:7-32

15th March Judges 6:33-40, 7:1-14

22nd March Judges 7:15-24, 8:22-35

29th March Judges 9:1-15, 21:25

Summer Term

The Wise (?) Man  and his Wiser Donkey

19th April Numbers 22:2-23

26th April Numbers 22:24-40. 23:1-6

3rd May Numbers 23:7-29

10th May Numbers 24:1-25

Abraham and Lot: How to be an Alien

17th May Gen 14:1-21

24th May Gen 16:1-16, 21:9-21

31st May Gen.19:1-25,

[7st June half term]

14th June Gen:19:26-37, 23:1-12

21st June Gen 23:13-21, 25:1-11


28th June Psalm 113:1-8, 114:1-8, 115:1-18,

5th July Psalm 116:1-19, 117:1-2, 118:1-12,

12th July Psalm 118:12-29, 119:1-8, 73-80,

17th July Psalm 119:65-72, Psalm – class choice

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