Oh What A Lovely War Greenwich Theatre 10 September


–President Wilson is very concerned about the War.
–I hear he’s a sick man.
–Yes, he’s an idealist.

That repartee certainly put this blog in its place!

As everyone knows, Oh What A Lovely War retails the history of WWI in the form of a pierrot show.  In this production by Blackeyed Theatre, it was performed by five male actors, so the picture above shows two important details–female impersonation and a video screen.

I rather felt we know all that:  It was a stupid waste of lives.  So what’s new? Some of the scenes, like the conference between monoglot Allied commanders or  soldiers literally going like lambs to the slaughter still retained some shock value, but one never felt that the war party might have any ounce of sense or that patriotism might be anything other than hogwash.

Maybe you just need larger forces to bring it off convincingly?  The five performances here certainly danced, sang and acted with great commitment, and I especially enjoyed the singing and female impersonation from Paul Morse.

As stated on the company’s website, this show will be touring to all kinds of places until the end of November.

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