Pina 3D Curzon Mayfair 19 May


Some sound ideas on 'The Rite of Spring'

Let’s start with the 3D:  that was harsh and distracting–why were the subtitles hanging in the air somewhere?–and taking the specs off did no good, since the system used meant the background images were blurred that way.

The film was based around scenes from some of Pina Bausch’s most famous (I think) works, interspersed with dancing in Wuppertal and around about and dancers’ reminiscences in voice-over as they stared witlessly at (or past) the camera.  That was unpleasantly reminiscent of Wings of Desire, though fortunately nothing in this Wenders film was anything like as bad as Paris, Texas.

On the positive side, a lot of the dancing was interesting–Bausch certainly had some sound ideas about The Rite of Spring, and I recognised Cafe Muller as an old acquaintance after having seen it featured in a film by Almodovar–Habla con ella, perhaps.  I enjoyed the wide-ranging choice of music and the girls’ floaty dresses.

Cafe Muller

I did feel that the dance sequences were making the same point rather too often for my liking.  I got quite interested in Wuppertal and its elevated railway–who were the people who (presumably) went night after night, decade after decade to cutting-edge modern dance in a medium-sized industrial city south of the Ruhr?

My advice:

i)    see it in 2D if you have to;

ii)  much better to go and see the Pina Bausch company if you can;

iii)  continue to keep clear of Wim Wenders!

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