From Russia in Verse, Saison Poetry Library RFH, 14 April

Well, I couldn’t pass up the chance to see Lev Rubinstein in the flesh, could I?

My name was not on the list, but they let me in anyway.

Sasha Dugdale

The event was basically compered by Sasha Dugdale.  She translated a poem–read a translation of a poem–by Linor Goralik, who was not able to be with us.  Then we had Mariya Stepanova, who read a couple of poems.

Mariya Stepanova

Sasha Dugdale read a couple of Stepanova’s poems, one of which had not been read in Russian.  After that it was Dmitri Kuz’min, who read the English translations himself and said he was basically a publisher, publicist and everything else these days, not a poet as such.

Dmitri Kuz'min

Next it was the turn of Marina Boroditskaya, who read more than two poems.

Marina Boroditskaya

Ruth Fainlight read her translation of one of them–where Shakespeare’s Rosalind kept her Russian form of Rozalinda for some reason–and turned to be older than the rest, even Lev Rubinstein.

Lev Rubinstein

Lev Rubinstein himself didn’t bother with thanking people in English and launched straight into a characteristic monologic-inconsequential opus.  Sasha Dugdale read a translation line-by-line so it became dialogic, and very impressive as well!  Russian text here.

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