Animal Kingdom Peckham Multiplex 27 March


T0 be fair, it wasn’t that bad–I only looked at my watch once.  It felt as though at least an hour and a half had passed, and it was only forty minutes.

The idea is that after his mother dies of an overdose in Melbourne, Australia young Joshua goes to live with his grandma and her family of criminals, who she tends lovingly.  And disastrous consequences ensue, especially after they start killing cops.

I had difficulty in either believing it or being especially interested.  The parts seemed underwritten to me, or perhaps the silences weren’t measured skilfully enough.  Joshua excelled in meaningful inarticulacy.  Living up to Melbourne’s genteel image, the crime family used rather less bad language than an impeccably middle-class South London reading group.  Everyone’s houses seemed to be much nicer than mine, which tends to be the way with films.


As for the plot, I had severe difficulties.  according to the defence case, Joshua has it in for Uncles Darren and Pope because they administered an overdose to his girlfriend (not previously a heroin user).  But given the extensive criminal records of Uncles D and P and the police rightly suspecting them of offing their mates, some combination of drugs offences and failing to report a death would surely have put them in prison for some time.

And what’s the corrupt drugs squad officer supposed to do when he tracks Joshua down to his safe house?  Accidentally shoot him?  Somehow disappear him and his three police guards?  I don’t think the cops would react kindly to that one…


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