Four Quartets/Edward Fox Riverside Studios 6 March


Edward Fox doing Trollope (not Eliot)

The fault here his entirely mine.  I’d forgotten how deadly dull the Four Quartets were.  Edward Fox sat in a leather armchair in front of some bookcases as in a gentleman’s club.  He recited rather as Eliot himself used to read, with the addition of some actorly affectations.  But the material was just so boring (the crosstalk apparently from the lighting box threatened to be more lively).

Thou hast nor poetry nor philosophy,
But, as it were, an after-dinner’s sleep,
Dreaming on both;

If you read the text you might be able to make some argument out of it, but that’s not really possible receiving it aurally.  If High Church sermonising is your thing on a Sunday, there must still be plenty of places in London where you can get it for free, and with music to listen to and nice gilded idols to gaze upon.

T S Eliot (so serious he caused the Queen Mother to laugh uncontrollably)

As I escaped gratefully at half-time, I was accompanied by some American girls laughing madly from relief…

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