Confessions (Kokuhaku) ICA Cinema 5 March


'Life' on the blackboard, ironically enough

I’m afraid that I just didn’t believe this.  The idea is that a middle-scholl teacher blames her class for the death of her young daughter–in fact, she has established the two who did it (Shuya and Naoki).  She does not think that their punishment at the hands of the law will be sufficient, so leaves the school and persecutes them from a distance.

I didn’t believe in many things–the off-hand attitude of the students to their teacher or the that a nice young woman would do such a thing, in the first place.  And now I think about it some more there are further causes for incredulity:  surely one of the class would have said something to their family?  Surely the authorities would have been round to see why Naoki was refusing to come to school?  How did you manage to get three wannabe homicidal maniacs (if you include Shuya’s petite amie Mizuho) in Miss Mishiguro’s class? Or indeed four, including Miss M herself?

I guess this is just a category mistake on my part–I was expecting ‘psychological drama’ and got ‘horror’.   Oh well never mind…

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