New Testament Greek, Madingley Hall 4-6 February


1 Peter with anxious annotations


I had set myself some simple performance targets this time:

i)  do not have a cold;

ii) do not lose return ticket.

In the event, I found that I had managed to leave most of the course papers behind.  I also managed to leave my glasses in the taxi.  And on the Sunday I woke up with a cold.

This time round, there were nine of us, and we managed our quota of 50 verses in a 90-minute session easily enough.  The texts covered were:

Luke  1-15

1 Peter 1-5

1 Maccabees 1

Psalms 22 and 137.

Of these, Peter was a bit tricky at the beginning, while people definitely appreciated 1 Maccabees.  Dr John Taylor, our tutor, gave a talk entitled ‘Between the testaments’ on the Saturday evening; he also seemed to have decided it was his job to keep the course members supplied with wine.

We had a sensible and non-garrulous female taxi driver for the drive to the station at the end, and I didn’t lose my return ticket.

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