ABT (Programme 1) Sadlers Wells 3 February


Warming up for Everything doesn't happen at once

First of all we had Seven Sonatas by Alexei Ratmansky to piano sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti.  I enjoyed the classical simplicity and restraint of the choreography and found it all very Russian; my companion thought the pianist was awful.  Then we had Junk Duet, loud and energetic and American, which we both approved of.  After a Pause there followed Balanchine’s Duo Concertant, where I didn’t like the music (dull); the choreography (so bloody fussy); or the dancers (she was just the wrong shape for a dancer).  Joanne added that the violinist and (different) pianist were no good either.

Occasion of many very silly jokes that we thoroughly enjoyed

Finally, after a lot of on-stage warm-up, we got Everything doesn’t happen at once by Benjamin Millepied to music by David Lang played by a band of six instrumentalists with a conductor.  And it was OK, things happened and kept us interested, though it was the same kind of thing as Fearful Symmetries at Covent Garden some years ago, just not nearly as good in any respect.

So, a good evening for the Royal Ballet at least by contrast!

We love you Royal Ballet, oh yes we do
We love you Royal Ballet, oh yes we do
Royal Ballet–we love you!

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