U Gosi Polish Shop Ewhurst Road

The end unit in Ewhurst Road is now being turned into a Polish shop called ‘U Gosi’.  By analogy with Russian, that must mean “Gosia’s” or “chez Gosia”, where Gosia is a female name and it looks`as though it’s short for something.  And a quick Google tells me that it’s short for Malgorzata.  So the name means “Maggie’s”.

And Gosia is a pretty optimistic girl, since for the past few years there’s been a decreasing amount of Polish goods in ‘normal’ shops, Polish adverts and indeed Polish/Eastern European shops to be seen.  I wonder if it’s significant that it’s called a “Polish Shop” rather than a “Polski Sklep”.  There was an English family going past as I stopped to take this picture; the little boy wanted to know what it was all about and his dad said they could go and get their sauerkraut there.  So perhaps a Polish Shop not only for Poles..

January 07 2011

They’ve now put some further information through my door:

I suppose that Saurkaut is a natural response if you are forced to write your national delicacy in a foreign language, and German to boot!  They give an address (2c Ewhurst Road) but no opening hours nor even a phone number to ring and ask if they’re open.

It looks as though they expect more custom from Catford than from Nunhead, which I suppose is sensible enough.  I wonder why they show the 284 bus route and not the P4, which probably goes just a bit nearer…

Update 01 February 2012

It looks like the shop has now closed.  Mid-afternoon today it was shuttered up and there was a ‘To Let’ sign as well:

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One Response to “U Gosi Polish Shop Ewhurst Road”

  1. malgorzata DaliBey Says:

    Polish Shop u Gosi
    Monday -Friday 11am-7pm
    Saturday 11-5pm

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