The Social Network Peckham Multiplex 20 October


He starts off with a pretty girl who drinks pints...

This was new, fresh and interesting:  about something different (Facebook, obviously enough) and set in contemporary times (the action begins `in 2004).  It’s about the development of Facebook from its beginnings at Harvard to approaching the stage of world domination and the action is largely framed by a deposition hearing where Mark Zuckerberg and his former associates give their accounts of what happened.

...and is frequently bored at the hearing.

Beforehand I thought that the main constraint would be avoiding legal action from the principals portrayed, but in fact it seemed to be more like getting a child-friendly rating for the film–those party scenes were far from orgiastic, and the chivalry of the drug riddled founder of Napster in sleeping underneath Amy while she kept her Stanford panties on may also have stretched credulity…

Happy nerds inventing Facebook

I enjoyed the portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg as someone who was really at home in another dimension and unaware of the effect of his actions on other people–I thought the main charge against him was adherence to Ayn Rand style extreme rightist views, but that didn’t surface here.  As to the legal issues, here he merely received orders from the Winkelvoss brothers to implement their website and then didn’t do anything about it but developed his own website `instead.  So his protestations that he never used any of their code answer a question that was never asked.  In the film, at least.

At the beginning, ex-girlfriend Erica tells Zuckerberg that his problem is that he’s an asshole, while at the end the trainee lawyer who has just declined to eat with him says that he’s not an asshole, he’s just trying very hard.

Isn’t that neat?

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