Can You Live Without Lysistrata?

The Cochrane Theatre announce:


London 2020.  Smart, Sophisticated and Glamorous.  The women are on a mission to end the violence and bloodshed between the two rival gangs.  After Jasmine has been shot at her own wedding by a rival gang member, the women promote a new campaign; No Peace – No Sex!

Jasmine’s close friend, Lacy, convinces the woman to deny their lovers of sex as a means to force their men to negotiate peace. The sex strike provokes a battle between the sexes. Relationships are put to the test and new bonds are formed.

With the men itching for their guns, can the women resolve this enmity between the gangs and initiate peace?

This dramatic show invites you to discover the power of intimacy. Laced with sharp wit, live music and explosive dance that brings vibrancy and edge. Heavily influenced by Hip Hop, Jazz and Motown, this show introduces fresh talent, The Street 2 Stage cast, who bring life to these extraordinary characters.

Street 2 Stage is a collaboration between the Cochrane Theatre and DreamArts which brings together young people who create, produce and perform a new Urban musical.

Wednesday 8th September @ 7:30 pm
Thursday 9th September @ 2:30 pm & 7:30 pm
Friday 10th September @ 7:30 pm
Saturday 11th September @ 2:30 pm & 7:30 pm

But is it Lysistrata?

The point in Aristophanes is that not only are the consequences of the sex strike comical, but the idea itself is absurd–like Cloudcuckooland or a separate peace for Dikaiopolis–think slaves, boys and brothels, not to mention Phaedo in his booth.  They look to be taking it more seriously here.  But then Jazz and Motown are ancient history to modern urban youth–not to mention me–so it may not be so simple.

Better give it a try and find out…

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