HALT for tourists (and others)

Elaine our leader

When in Ancient Macedonia our leader Elaine emphasised the need not only to drink lots of water, but also to eat regularly, in order to avoid problems with the heat that made me think of HALT for tourists, especially since people seemed to be getting cross about trivialities.

HALT of course is an acronym for what people who have had substance misuse issues need to avoid:  Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired.

Thessaloniki: this cat watching our table was Hungry

You can see that tourists can easily become HAT (not so much L in an organised group).  And it applies to other groups experiencing…stress…as well:  students are notoriously prone to HLT, while people who’ve had a relationship break-up suffer from ALT and quite possibly H as well if their eating was done with the former partner.

Philippi: these friendly dogs were Hungry and Tired, but not Lonely

Of course, these other people don’t have a ready-made void waiting for them like the ex-substance-misusers, but HALT is a good thing to avoid and it should be quite possible to do so.


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