St Paul’s Sinfonia, St Paul’s Deptford, 18 June


St Paul’s Sinfonia
Andrew Morley  conductor

Greenwich Trio:
Lana Trotovsek  violin
Stjepan Hauser  cello
Yoko Misumi  piano

1. Rossini ‘William Tell’ Overture
2. Beethoven Triple Concerto


3. Brahms Symphony No. 4

After Friends and supporters had been entertained to fizz and conversation in the church crypt, we clambered up the spiral staircase to the concert.  I was impressed to learn that there were other things in the William Tell overture as well as the final Allegro vivace, and my companion was impressed by the way that the church acoustic projected the sound out at us.  The Beethoven Triple Concerto was a fairly late replacement for a new piece that had never materialised, and this time the acoustic defeated me–I really had little idea of what as going on in the orchestral part.  I also commented that the pianist seemed to be trying out for the position of England goalie–but we could hear the violinist and cellist, and they were good.

During the interval, I was filled with foreboding as to how mushified Brahms 4 would be by the acoustic and I was pleasantly surprised, or to be more accurate, completely  astonished.  There followed a performance of total clarity and conviction, whipped along by Andrew Morley with great dynamism and passion, and I felt I saw the point of Brahms for the first time in something like thirty years.  As my companion pointed out, it does make a diiference when the orchestra play like they mean it, not like a group of the jaded and world-weary!  And I was most impressed by their commitment and attack.

St Paul’s Sinfonia:  very nice people and well worth supporting!–See their website.


The author is a Friend of St Paul’s Sinfonia, and on this occasion received two glasses of free fizz (and free entrance to the concert).

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