Ten Minutes of Disquiet (Blue Elephant Theatre, 5 June)

So I went to the Blue Elephant Theatre for this staging of (or based on) Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet.  It was described as a ‘work in progress’, which was already somewhat disquieting.  Then came the announcement that there was no seating, we were not allowed to lean against the walls and would have to move round.

What happened was that characters (wearing white shirts or blouses, black trousers or skirts, red ties or ties) disposed about the acting space fell under the spotlight and responded with monologues or brief scenes on the meaningless of modern life.  It was all rather like Neil LaBute, and there was no way my back was going to endure two hours of standing.  I made my way round the outside to a door encouragingly marked ‘Exit’, through the door to what looked like a cleaner’s cupboard, and from there through another door to the outside.

Apologies if I disturbed anyone in my escape…


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