Lads in Their Hundreds: Free and very very good


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The title of this caught my eye since I had recently grown more sympathetic to A. E. Housman, and I went along for my first visit to Theatro Technis accompanied by my cold and headache but without any very great expectations.

In the event I was deeply impressed–the performers were students from GSMD, and the show consisted of four female singers and six male ones (and two pianists) performing songs and poems on the subject of war.  The songs were arranged so that (for instance) everyone got a turn in the title number (Butterworth’s setting of Housman) and even those whose native language was  not English speakers bravely contributed to the poetry.

What I found most effective were the changes of mood when music-hall songs were interpolated for contrast; the segue from Is he an Aussie, is he, Lizzie? to And the band played Waltzing Matilda; and the return of The lads in their hundreds at the end, transformed from song to poem, followed by Butterworth’s setting of With rue my heart is laden.  The cast showed absolute commitment to communicating with their audience in every way possible and no praise could be too high for them of for Iain Burnside, who devised and directed the whole thing.

There’s an interesting interview with Burnside here, and I’ve scanned in a list of the numbers below, together with some credits:


Glyn Maxwell from My grandfather at the Pool
Butterworth With Rue my heart is laden
Butterworth The lads in their hundreds
Somervell The street sounds to the Soldiers’ tread
Wilfred Owen The Send-off
Elgar War Song
Jessie Pope Socks
Darewski Sister Susie’s sewing shirts for soldiers
Britten Slaughter
Carl Sandburg Grass
lreland Her Song
Siegfried Sassoon from Death-Bed
lreland The Cost
Brian Elias Meet me in the Green Glen
Butterworth ls my team ploughing
Butterworth Think no more, lad
lvor Gurney First Time ln
Trad arr Hazell Ar Hyd y Nos
Lincoln Kirstein Snatch
lves He is there!
Edward Rushton Life’s an ocean crossing
Kerry Dinneen from Kurdish Blankets
Edward Rushton Agony
Jimmy Webb Galveston
Richard Swanson Baghdad Email
Bridge Journey’s End
lreland The Soldier’s Return
Flotsam and Jetsam ls he an Aussie, is he, Lizzie?
Eric Bogle And the Band played Waltzing Matilda
AE Housman The lads in their hundreds
Butterworth With Rue my heart is laden


Devised and directed by Iain Burnside

Victoria Newlyn Movement
Emma Belli Designer
Giuseppe Belli Designer
Jarnes Southby Lighting Designer
Pamela Lidiard Producer

Nazan Fikret Soprano
Katie Grosset Mezzo-soprano
Aurelia Jonvaux Soprano
Anna Livermore Soprano

lan Beadle Tenor
Adam Crockatt Tenor
Osian Gwynn Baritone
Barney Rea Bass
Ashley Riches Baritone
Luke Tracey Tenor

Maite Aguirre Pianist
Patrick Leresche Pianist

Jack Chandler Technical support
Fernando Pinho Technical support
Molly Sayers Technical support

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