Polling Day 2010

Massive security, and blue netting to show you the way

And this is what I came up with:

Lewisham Deptford

Labour–what this area needs is public spending, and lots of it, added to which Joan Ruddock is by a very long way the most competent of the candidatesPrediction: Labour.

Lewisham Mayor (Alternative Vote)

1.  Green  2.  Lib Dem.  Lewisham Council clearly needs a change.  Prediction: Lib Dem (likely to get in on the second preferences).

Crofton Park Ward

3x Green.  Green councillors have done a good job in neighbouring wards, and there hasn’t been much sign of action from our Labour incumbents.  Prediction: 3x Labour, possibly 3 x Green.

Overall Predictions

A Conservative Government with an overall majority in single figures.  You tend to get the most Tory-friendly outcome that is consistent with the polling evidence or, which is the same thing, the British electorate (those who actually vote) is basically conservative and will vote Conservative if it possibly can.

And given the amount of stuff they’ve put through my door, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lib Dems in court for exceeding their spending limit.

I still think the best point made in the local campaign is the following from Gemma Townsend (Conservative) on Brockley Central:

4. What will your top priority for Lewisham Deptford be and what are you going to do about it?

Education. I want parents to stay in Lewisham as their family grows and not feel that moving is the only option for decent secondary education.

Although it doesn’t affect me, that’s certainly something I’ve wondered about over the 13 years I’ve lived here.

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