Green Party Campaign Office/Shop 252 Brockley Road

I was surprised to come across this place–apart from anything else, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Green Party office in this country before (Germany certainly, perhaps other places as well).

And they’re selling books as well–general, secondhand, not special Green ones–there hasn’t been anything resembling a bookshop (even a Catholic one) in Brockley for some time now.

After this, I did spend some time on my Sunday walk wondering whether Lewisham Deptford was the kind of place where a Left Opposition (to Labour) might succeed, if the Greens and Lib Dems were able to combine their forces somehow.  But I think that what the rank-and-file voter here wants from politicians is a job, somewhere to live, a place for the children in a decent school–the kind of thing a machine can provide, not the dreams of the overeducated and underoccupied.  So they’ve got about as much chance as Trotsky did, though I don’t think they need worry too much about ice-picks.

In fact machine must be the best translation for administrativny resurs in Russian, since it’s the nearest–though far from exact–equivalent that English-language political practice can offer.

Anyway, there’s an ‘official’ posting about this place here.

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2 Responses to “Green Party Campaign Office/Shop 252 Brockley Road”

  1. A Says:

    You’re wrong about their chances. The Greens are a real force locally. Three councillors in Brockley, three in Ladywell and they came a close second to Labour in the Euro elections last year.

  2. notesofanidealist Says:

    Well, I’d certainly missed the point that Lewisham Deptford is one of three Green target seats, and thought the appearance of a Green Party office was just a sign of changing times. As of now, give LAB a 92.3% chance of winning the Parliamentary seat and MIN 0.0%.

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