Sputnick, 88-92 Lee High Road


That spelling does suggest a pronunciation of  ‘Spootnitsk’, but never mind–this certainly seems to be one of the more substantial Baltic-Russian shops around the place.  Inside, there is (and has always been) a nice, clean, tidy grocery, together with an ever-diminishing shelf of books in Russian (I’ve never yet been moved to buy one) and some Baltic newspapers.  OK, newspapers in languages belonging to the Baltic family (Latvian and Lithuanian) rather than Estonian (Finno-Ugric family).

The section on the right as you look at the photo used to sell vodka and DVDs, now they’ve turned it into a beauty salon (that apparently does no business at all).  How about a dermatological-venereological-cosmetological clinic?–there are some Chinese versions of that kind of thing further along the road.

Maybe not with that picture window…

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