Oleg Tyrkin: ‘Arms And Wings’ Private Viewing, Pushkin House 3 March

For the First Time (Oil on canvas; 130 x 150; 2009; £12,000)

This was the first time I had been to a private viewing, and it wasn’t that frightening.  I equipped myself with a glass of wine and some crisps and wandered around looking at the paintings–I think I managed to escape the attention of everyone, even Julian Gallant.

The illustration above shows you the kind of thing–paintings with lots of space, reflecting Tyrkin’s earlier career as a military helicopter pilot.  What you can’t very easily see is the Frank-Auerbach-style impasto, which reflects the intensity that Oleg’s  interpreter/minder said was integral to his conception of space.

The sums on the Price List ranged from £ 1,500 to £ 12,000–at least one visitor felt this was pretty cheap, since you could easily pay £4,000 for a decent handbag.  But I wouldn’t know!

The exhibition runs until 26 March, and you can see the official details here.

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