St Paul’s Sinfonia (St Paul’s, Deptford) 26 February


1. J Strauss – Overture ‘Die Fledermaus’
2. Beethoven – Violin Concerto
3. Schumann – Symphony No. 4

The first item passed by with no more than a Now that’s ended, and I’m glad it’s over by way of reaction from me.  Then in the Beethoven Violin Concerto the timpanist started (whose identity is unknown to me) by seeming not to be able to find the beat, while as soloist the orchestra’s usual leader, James Widden, did seem to get lost at one point.  The French horns also made rather a mess of their entry in the first movement.  But the cadenzas (reverse-engineered from an arrangement for piano and orchestra) were interesting and in the first of them the soloist and timpanist combined to good effect.  Still, the piece did seem to last an awfully long time.

After the interval, it was Schumann’s Fourth Symphony, which I had no especial expectations of, but which turned out  well under some typically dynamic conducting from Andrew Morley and with some engaging playing from the strings (and much more reliable contribution from the brass).  A special vote of thanks to the woodwind section, who held up well all evening.

Next time (19 March), we’re promised Haydn and Elena Firsova as well as Beethoven–should be interesting!

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2 Responses to “St Paul’s Sinfonia (St Paul’s, Deptford) 26 February”

  1. Elena Firsova? Says:

    WHich one composition of Elena Firsova is promised?

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