Getting my Toshiba A60 Equium to work

So, my laptop (which has been pretty useful since I installed a large amount of extra RAM) had been shutting itself off with increasing frequency.  I decided this had to be down to crud getting in the ‘heat dispersal system’.  The crisis came when I couldn’t even leave it to run a virus scan without it turning itself off.

A quick search on Google yielded a useful thread here, and in particular this (edited) advice from joshmo:

I have a solution that is simple, and worked for me….You are dealing with really fine lint, which is blocking the heat sink.

Acquire a can of compressed air. Acquire a standard household vacuum cleaner. Put in a fresh bag – to ensure the strongest possible vacuum.

Look at the back of the laptop. There should be a vented area; inside, a radiator – looks like a piece of folded aluminum foil; about 1/2″ high, runs the width of the vented area. This is the heat sink, sits on top of the processor.

(1)  Vacuum off the air intake at the back of the Toshiba – probably want to use the flat vacuum pipe, will help to focus the vacuum – try to block as much air around the hose as you can, so that the air flow is forced across the heat sink. 3 -5 minutes of vacuuming here. Work the entire vented area.

(2) Now, here’s where you need an additional hand. Have someone hold the vacuum on a fan; spray compressed air thru the heat sink, go very slowly, because you want to give every vent a heavy blast of air; the vacuum should catch the crud that you are blowing free. Use the long plastic stem provided with the can of compressed air to put air directly into each fold in the heat sink. Work then all.

Your machine should be good for another 6-12 months.

And here am I putting this advice into effect:

(1) Vacuuming through the grille over the fan

(2) Squirting the heatsink with compressed air at the same time as vacuuming through the grille

And it all seems to work perfectly now!


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