The Resurrectionist (Jack O’Connell): A Bad Book Is A Big Evil



Our hero is one Sweeney a pharmacist whose son Danny is in a coma following an accident.  So Sweeney gets a job at the mysterious Peck Clinic where they are good at rousing coma patients.  Danny was keen on a comic book called Limbo and there is a parallel narrative of a group of circus freaks there.

The basis of the main story is that the eponymous Dr Peck wants to recall to Danny to our world as someone else by injecting him with foetal stem cells while a biker gang (headed by one Nadia, who is working as a nurse at the hospital) who travel the country injecting themselves with cerebrospinal fluid from coma patients to join them in their world provide the opposition.

The problem with this story is that there are far too many characters, all of whom are unbelievable and undercharacterised.  And the city of Quinsigamond is a nightmare place where everything tends to go wrong, so there’s no reality as an anchoring-place to give the comic-book story a context.

The comic-book story is actually less inept–the main problem is that there are too many of the circus freaks and since you can’t see them as in a comic book or film it’s very hard to tell which is which.

The narratives aren’t anything like interesting enough to justify the absent characterisation, though the author has obviously exerted himself introducing laborious  correspondences between them.  And if you don’t have proper characters, you expect a decently-articulated plot; here, at the end, the two worlds bleed together into one and nothing much is resolved.


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