Northern Medea In Oxford

The Oxford Playhouse have emailed as follows:

Northern Broadsides in association with The Onassis Programme present


By Euripides – a new version by Tom Paulin

Tuesday 2 to Saturday 6 February


This Medea is a contemporary take of classic Greek tragedy. Its monumental storyline features one of theatre’s most spectacularly vengeful women. Abandoned by her husband, Medea wreaks revenge through unspeakable acts of violence, unleashing a hurricane of destruction in a world where everything has gone horribly wrong.

The North

The North

Tom Paulin’s gritty modern language version brings real punch and immediacy to the drama. Powered by the muscularity of Northern Broadsides’ northern voice and vigour of its actors, Medea will be a theatrical event where poetry and live music ignite on stage, giving real clout to this timeless drama.  Northern Broadsides is one of the UK’s most celebrated exponents of classic drama, consistently creating world-class theatre with a voice style firmly rooted in the north of England. Renowned for its down to earth and high-energy approach, Broadsides’ have an inimitable style, which is fresh, authentic and unique.


Medea plays at Oxford Playhouse from Tuesday 2 to Saturday 6 February. For information and to book, contact the Ticket Office on 01865 305305 or visit our website at:

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